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Oil Field Supplies in Rankin, TX; Pecos, TX & McCamey, TX

“Our Service Makes the Difference” 

Oil Field Supplies Pecos, TX Grady’s Western Supply has served the West Texas oil field since 1981. With locations in McCame, TX and Pecos, TX, they have furnished quality service and supplies in all areas of needs that the oil exploration and recovery industry requires. Now, with their new location in Rankin, Texas, Grady’s Western Supply can make available in all the areas of West Texas that are under new exploration. They are the go-to oil field supplies company!

Finding a good company to provide quality oil field supplies can be difficult. Our experienced team is ready to help you get all the supplies you need quickly and for an affordable price. We have been one of the top suppliers in McCamey, TX and Rankin, TX since 1981.

Our experienced team is fully committed to providing oil field supplies for our clients throughout McCamey, TX & Pecos, TX. There are many moving parts that are necessary to make an oil field run smoothly and increase efficiency and profitability. Our oil field supply specialists will make sure you have the supplies you need, when you need them.

We offer the highest-quality cattle guards for McCamey, Rankin & Pecos, TX.

Cattle Guards Rankin, TX We also offer a wide selection of high quality cattle guards. Cattle guards or cattle grids are extremely useful for keeping your cattle in their designated piece of land. Cattle guards are metal grids that are put over ditches or depressions to prevent cattle from being able to walk over it.

We have three warehouse locations to offer our customers in the oil field industry all the supplies they could need. We have supplies for preparing the land with cattle guards, to oil field supplies that are used to complete the job during the production stage. Quality and service are what Grady’s Western Supply has been known for over thirty years in the oil rich country of West Texas.

Flow back, productions, and completion are all important segments of the oil industry. Handy locations with supplies for each of these stages are readily available at Grady’s Western Supply. Tools and general supplies are often needed in a hurry. With locations in McCamey, TX and now Rankin, TX, the oil field professional never has to go far to get the tools or materials he needs.

Oil Field Supplies Rankin TX We have years of experience in the oil field supplies industry, you can trust the quality of all the merchandise that we carry. Our employees understand the importance of on time delivery and the safety required for each of our products. Accurate fulfillment of each order is of utmost importance. Federal and state regulation about the quality of each item are routinely checked and rechecked to give the oilman complete peace of mind and trust for the products.

You can call or email your request to the staff at Grady’s Western Supply for all your oil industry and production needs. They will be on top of things as they know you are in a hurry. They are open Monday thru Friday from 7 am to 5 pm and Saturday morning. They are there to serve the oil industry.

3 Locations:

  • 302 N Burleson, McCamey, TX 79752
  • 818 W 3rd, Pecos, TX 9772
  • 719 Main St, Rankin, TX 79778

Products & Services

Valves & Fittings, Pipe, PVC, Cattle Guards, Tubing, Well Fittings, Tools, Belts, Pump Shop, Oil Field Supplies, Cattle Guards, Oil Field Industry.

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Established: 1981